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Lunch Room Etiquette: Back to the Basics

Every student must sit through seven hours of challenging classes that probe their brains almost constantly with little breaks between passing periods. One of the highlights of many students’ day is the thought of being able to comfortably sit in a chair, eat their lunch, and allow their brain to relax for 30 minutes. Every student experiences bad days, bad classes, and bad interactions with people that might rain on their parade that day, but lunch is always a silver lining, or a break in that cloudy day. For every student to have the peaceful, fun, relaxing lunch that they deserve after working hard, they need an easy flow from the time they are released from their classroom to the time the bell rings and it is time for class again. This requires some respect between students and others in general, and chairs to sit in, which both of these criteria are not being met. 

One of the first parts of lunch is waiting in line to get food, unless the student brought lunch. The lines for every food is usually long and it already takes awhile to get food. Everyone knows that no one wants to wait in a long line next to loud people while standing instead of sitting in a nice chair (which doesn’t always happen, but we’ll discuss that soon). Sometimes a student will see one of their friends far up in line and casually stand next to them to skip the long line. This one person cutting the line might annoy some people, and they have reason to be annoyed, but most people can admit to having cut a line at some point in their life. This annoyance seems much more like a minor inconvenience when it is compared to seven or eight people, sometimes even more, cutting the line. This may seem harmless, but the people who actually wait in line normally have to suffer the consequences of their line-waiting time taking much longer than it should and the risk of a food item they want being sold out. Lots of people do little cuts here and there, which most people can look at and let it slide, but having a lot of people cut at the same time, that is just taking it a bit too far. This is a daily occurrence at lunch and it is starting to become a major inconvenience. One or two people meeting up with their friends in line is normal, but a whole squad of people really affects the rest of the people in line. 

After a student has waited in line, possibly being cut by a whole flock of people, you’d think all of their problems are done with and now they can just sit down and enjoy their lunch. Well, this should be the case, but unfortunately it is not. There is still a shortage of chairs in the cafeteria. This leaves the students inside fighting with other tables for chairs and forces students outside to put up with whatever weather Arizona feels like having that day. Many students prefer to sit outside, which is totally normal because enjoying lunch outside can be peaceful with great weather. However, on extremely hot days, as we all know how hot Arizona can get, some students should be able to escape inside to the nice air-conditioned cafeteria if they choose to, but that option is not available. To solve this growing issue and end the arguments between tables over chairs and students sitting on the floor or finding any place else to sit, the students need more chairs in the cafeteria. 

Out of the long, dragging school days, students only have lunch as a break to relax their bodies and their minds. The students here at Thunderbird deserve an easy process of attaining lunch and sitting in an actual chair. These are just some cafeteria criteria that everyone should follow and want to follow to allow everyone to take a solid, helpful break from classes.