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The Parking Pass Issue

School parking lots can be absolutely terrifying for any students, parents, and teachers. Inexperienced teenage drivers all pile in and out of a small area all at one time. Luckily, parking passes can make this stressful process a bit easier. Parking passes ensure that only legal, safe drivers can park in the school lot. 

Although parking passes may be 90% effective, people need to be aware of that other 10%. As more and more sophomores are turning 16, the amount of people that want to start driving  themselves to school increases. This may result in the action of parking without a parking pass. 

This may sound like a brilliant idea at first, but it only has negative consequences. Thunderbird has employees with the specific job of checking all cars to make sure that they have a proper parking pass. Each offender is given a warning at first, but the fines get worse after each offense. Students have gotten into serious trouble with administration, stripped of the opportunity of getting a parking pass, and cars have been towed. Mr. Pierzchala stated, “If any student is caught parking without a pass, they will no longer be eligible to buy a parking pass for the remainder of the school year.”

As the year goes on, more parking passes are being sold. Juniors and seniors do get the first pick of passes. This meant there were less than 10 available passes by the end of first semester. 

Numerous sophomores are terrified at the thought of not getting a pass. Sara Virolainen, sophomore, stated, “My mom has to drop me off at school every day before 7 A.M. It would make both of our lives so much easier if I could drive myself to school every day. She wouldn’t feel guilty for making me sit outside for an hour before school starts and I wouldn’t struggle to find things to occupy myself for an hour.” Chesney Dennis, sophomore, said, “I needed a parking pass because my step-dad works night shifts and has to sleep during the day, but he loses sleep because he is busy picking me up from school.”

Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not sophomores should be allowed to park in the school’s lot. Some people believe that there is no harm in letting them park where all of the upperclassmen park. However, some people disagree because it’s a privilege that is for juniors and seniors only.  An anonymous senior claimed, “I personally do not think sophomores should be able to park on campus. It should only be open to upperclassmen. They tend to take all of the good spots which I am not okay with.”

Parking passes bring organization, safety, and stability to school parking lots. It is essential for students to follow the school’s guidelines regarding parking passes for everyone’s sake.