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Best Children’s TV Shows of the 2010s

It’s official. The 2010s are no more. Although current students at Thunderbird were born in the 2000s, many of us have fond memories of the early 2010s, where TV networks like Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon were at their peaks. Since then, the shows on these networks have changed a great deal.

In the early 2010s, some popular shows on Disney were Hannah Montana (2006-2011), Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012), Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015), The Suite Life on Deck (2008-2011), Shake It Up (2010-2013), Good Luck Charlie (2010-2014), Jessie (2011-2015), and Austin and Ally (2011-2016). Many look upon the shows on this list as the peak of Disney’s television career, as shows such as Hannah Montana and Phineas and Ferb consist of characters and plots that many students fall in love with watching even years later. A little later in the decade came gems such as Gravity Falls (2012-2016) and Dog With a Blog (2012-2015). However, some shows near the end of the decade were far more disliked by those born in the early 2000s, such as Bizaardvark (2016-2019), Andi Mack (2017-2019), Stuck in the Middle (2016-2018), Ducktales (since 2017), and, arguably worst of all, the Descendants series. Jaidyn Mallon, sophomore, says, “I occasionally watch Ducktales. Compared to the other shows on Disney right now, it’s not too bad.”

Some shows that began the 2010s on Nickelodeon include iCarly (2007-2012), SpongeBob SquarePants (Since 1999), Sam and Cat (2013-2014), The Thundermans (2013-2018), and Winx Club (since 2004). Josh Hackett, freshman, says, “I loved the show Winx Club!” Some newer shows include The Loud House (since 2016), Power Rangers Beast Morphers (since 2019), and, worst of all, Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty (since 2019). Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty has received some backlash for ripping off Cartoon Network’s UniKitty, but the show’s young fans don’t seem to care.

On Cartoon Network, many students watched Adventure Time (2010-2018), Steven Universe (since 2015), The Amazing World of Gumball (since 2008), Regular Show (2009-2017), and Chowder (2007-2010). An anonymous student says, “Steven Universe is my favorite show! I still watch it to this day!” Some shows that were popular later in the decade were We Bare Bears (since 2015) and Clarence (2014-2018). Several students commented that Cartoon Network was their favorite of these three networks as a child because of the way the shows don’t change so drastically. Based on what students have heard about these two shows, Cartoon Network hasn’t gone downhill nearly as much as the other two networks. 

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As one can see, shows have changed immensely over the past decade. Although those who grew up with shows earlier in the decade say that the networks have gone downhill, it is important to remember that children growing up will most likely say the same things about shows coming out in the later 2020s. Therefore, all opinions regarding shows are valid whether you think current shows are amazing or a disgrace to television.