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Hiking Trails Around Arizona

Now, since it’s no longer 110 degrees outside, you no longer have to workout inside at a gym. It’s cooled off and it’s ideal hiking weather now. Here is a list of hikes around the valley, their location, and their difficulty.

Let’s start with North Mountain. This hike is right around here and it is a fairly easy hike. The trail is mostly asphalt so it’s very easy on your legs so you don’t have to worry about walking on dirt and a bunch of rocks. According to phoenix.gov, “The mountains offer a wide array of trail options for hikers of all abilities.” This trail can be done by anyone. The trail is also nice and wide, so even on a busy day you’ll still have plenty of room to hike to the top and back down. 

Another hike that’s right by North Mountain is Shaw Butte Trail. This trail is not made out of asphalt so it’s nothing but dirt and rocks. It’s around the same difficulty as North Mountain but a little harder with some steep, uphill parts. According to alltrails.com, “Located near Phoenix, Arizona that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate.” The trail is about the same length. This one has a nice view at the top where you can see most of the valley. 

One more mountain that’s right around here is Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain has two trails. One trail takes you around the mountain but it never takes you to the summit. Both of these trails are more narrow than the other two mountains and are not as wide, so on a busy day there’s going to be a lot of traffic jams. According to alltrails.com, “Lookout Mountain Trail is a 0.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail.” So, if you decide to do this one there’s a lot of people; just know it’s going to be very congested. The other one takes you straight up to the summit. This one is harder than the other two if you’re going up to the top but not drastically more difficult. It’s just steeper and a little bit longer. This one offers a nice view at the top as well. 

Now, one that’s a little ways away and much more difficult than those other three is Piestewa Peak. This one is a much longer and steeper trail, so if you can barely handle those other three than I don’t recommend this one for you. According to modernhiker.com, “Simply put, Piestewa Peak Summit Trail is a merciless hike, but it’s a fun challenge with a rewarding view.” It’s not an easy hike, so if you’re not in shape for it then don’t do it. Although it’s hard, it rewards you with a very pretty view at the top. The trail is by downtown. 

Another one like Piestewa Peak is Camelback Mountain which is much harder than the first three. Camelback is located in Scottsdale. This one has two trails. One trail is Echo Canyon where you hike through a canyon and almost have to climb up. There are bars to hang onto the whole way. The other one is Cholla Trail. This one has no climbing and is just hiking. This one is easier than Echo Canyon because it’s flatter, not as steep, and less tiring. Camelback is definitely one of the most popular hikes in Phoenix, so if you’re looking to beat the rush then I recommend that you get there early in the morning before all the people arrive. According to hikingguy.com, “It’s a popular hike for hikers, rock climbers, and tourists, so make sure you do the hike as early as possible.” This is just a nice thing to know before you actually go and do the hike. 

All in all, the weather is nice now and you should get out there and hike. It’s a good exercise, good for your cardio, and a good way to spend your day. Just remember that some hikes are harder than others so you should hike at your own risk.