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School Lunch Review

If you buy lunch at Thunderbird, you are no stranger to being overcome with confusion as to which food place to go to. The truth is, all food places at Thunderbird are great for certain people. Therefore, whether you agree or disagree with our ratings, you are entitled to your opinion.

The first few food places are those that our reviewers think are top notch. First up is the American food stand, which carries items like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries. We rate this a 4/5 stars as the food tastes great, and there is a wide variety of options. All of the food at this stand has a fresh taste, and with the toppings you can put on each entree, the meal can be perfectly suited to even the most advanced palates. Next is the Mexican food stand, which sells burritos and tacos with a variety of toppings. We also rate this stand a 4/5 for the same reasons as the American food stand. Whether you’re longing for the crunchy flavor of tortilla chips paired with nacho cheese or beans and meat blanketed in a soft tortilla, the food here is good. In addition, there are vegetarian options here. Next is the pizza stand which serves pizza and fries. We rate this place 3/5 stars because it serves fairly high quality food and has a wide variety of choices. While pizza may seem like quite a boring option compared to other food choices, the wide variety of toppings laid across the layers of cheese, sauce, and bread prove that pizza is a food option that will never grow old. Lastly is the Asian food place, which we rate as 4/5. When it comes to Asian food, there’s no beating the delicate and flavorful taste of the chicken and egg rolls at this food stand. As Marley Baker says, “[This stand] is really good! It was closed for a while, but it’s open now and I can get my noodles!”

Although most food places at Thunderbird consistently serve high quality food, the salad place got a poor rating from an anonymous student. This student says, “The salad place is hit or miss. Sometimes it’s great, perfect, 10/10. However, other times the salad will be half wilted, and one time there was even a bug in it! In conclusion, it really depends on the day.” Therefore, despite the delectable flavor evoked by the salad on some days, the soggy texture of the lettuce on some days offsets the taste of your meal. Based on this student’s review, we rate the salad place as a 2/5.

As many may know, there are food places outside of the cafeteria as well. There’s a food place that connects to the cafeteria which is popular due to its cheap yet tasty cookies, soda, and fries. The gooey, sweet flavor of the cookies is perfectly matched which the salty, crunchy texture of the fries, making for the perfect snack during lunch. We rate this place a 3/5 stars as it has a decent variety but very few nutritious options. Next is Rochelle’s food just outside the gym. Here, you can get baked goods, healthy meals, chips, coffee, and much more. Because of all of the foods’ great flavor, various options, and nutritional value, we rate this place as 5/5 stars. Lastly is the Thundershack which serves many fast food meals, chips, drinks, and more. This place is run by student council. Although not too many people come here compared to other food places, we rate this stand 3/5 stars as it has many options, but very few of them achieve high quality flavor or nutrition.

As one can see, the various food places at Thunderbird each have something exciting to offer students. Therefore, if you buy lunch, go try something from one of the various places around campus.