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“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”

Whether you like it or not, we all know Star Wars. The only movie that starts out with a general summary of what’s going on in the very beginning. The Rise of Skywalker is out now. Exciting, interesting, confusing, rushed, whatever you thought of it, it’s out now. There is much to be said about this movie. If you have not seen it, there will be spoilers. 

       This film was directed by JJ Abrams. It was released on December 20, 2019. The film has hit $1 billion in the box office and it’s rated at three and a half stars. There are a few issues with the story. It felt rushed and it didn’t answer or explain a lot of questions. It didn’t explain how Palpatine came back to life and all we get for an explanation on that is one random Resistance guy saying, “Cloning, secrets only the Sith knew.” That is not nearly a good enough explanation because we have no idea if he even knows what he’s talking about. It also doesn’t make sense if Palpatine cloned himself to come back to life because if he did that, he would have come back in perfect condition. Palpatine was not in perfect condition because his eyes were all messed up and he was missing fingers; he looked like a zombie. He also couldn’t walk around and had to be hooked up to that medical machine at all times. It also doesn’t explain how and where he got his massive fleet. That fleet was a big factor in the movie and it didn’t really get much of an explanation.

Another thing is that some things in the film retcon other things from the previous movies. For example, force healing. They introduced this new force power in the very last episode of an entire saga. When Rey healed Kylo Ren after stabbing him with his lightsaber in the chest to save his life you just have to think why couldn’t Obi Wan do that to Qui Gon when Darth Maul stabbed him in the chest in the Phantom Menace. Why couldn’t all the Jedi and even the younglings been saved in the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith? Why couldn’t Anakin save his mother in Attack of the Clones? It’s simply because force healing wasn’t a thing then and it just gets introduced by Disney in the very last episode of an entire saga and in the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Having it in that show still doesn’t work because that show takes place after the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith so if force users were able to use that force ability in the show than they should have been able to use it before. This is Disney’s fault because they’re taking risks that aren’t working out and they’re not staying true to Star Wars. If George Lucas directed this movie, force healing would not have been in it.

Also, Emperor Palpatine coming back to life retcons Anakin Skywalker’s character. Anakin was all about being the chosen one and bringing balance to the force and he did in Return of the Jedi until now since the Emperor is back. Now that he’s back and alive, that means Anakin didn’t end the Sith and bring balance since he’s still alive. You have to blame Rian Johnson for this, the guy who directed The Last Jedi instead of JJ Abrams. Since Johnson decided to kill off Snoke, Abrams was left with no choice but to bring Emperor Palpatine back. You can’t introduce a completely brand new villain in the very last episode of an entire saga, so Emperor Palpatine was the only option. Also, the force teleport fight between Rey and Kylo when she was on the star destroyer and Kylo was down on the planet doesn’t work. We’ve never seen that done in any of the previous movies and it’s another example of Disney introducing new things to Star Wars that George Lucas never would have done. 

One last example of Disney doing that is when Rey confronts Palpatine and she finds out through the force that Ben Solo has showed up to try and save her when she teleports one of her lightsabers to him. You shouldn’t be able to do that because they’re in two completely different places, and once again it’s another brand new thing introduced into Star Wars that George Lucas never would have done. It felt very cheap because Rey is about ready to turn to the dark side and kill Palpatine when Ben shows up. Ben is fighting against all of the Knights of Ren and he has no lightsaber or any weapon to protect himself. We see the Knights of Ren really beating him up and it just felt so cheap because if Rey doesn’t teleport over one of her lightsabers, Ben will die. So, they decided well there’s nothing else we can do here so we’ll just have to introduce another brand new force power and have Rey teleport one of the lightsabers to him. If they wouldn’t have done that then Ben would have died and Rey would have been forced to turn to the dark side and kill Palpatine. They could have done better there.

Although this film has its problems, there were good things as well. Being able to see Lando Calrisian come back was great. He’s a very classy, iconic character and he did a great job by playing a major part in the Resistance defeating the Final Order. Seeing Ben Solo give his life to save Rey was a good moment. Also, seeing Han Solo turn his son, Ben, back to the good side was a good scene because it shows that he never gave up on him. Seeing Rey go through the old Death Star was really cool, and as always, seeing all the different creatures was really cool because it’s another thing that makes Star Wars so unique.

All in all, this movie had its problems and wasn’t perfect, but it still had its good moments. This movie was better than The Last Jedi, but it could have been better. So, the next time someone asks you what you thought of The Rise of Skywalker, tell them all of this and use all of these reasons to back it up.

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