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Shaped Noodles Taste Better

One of the best feelings in life is taking that first bite of cheesy, creamy, hot box mac and cheese that either you or your parents just made for lunch or dinner.  Mac and cheese from the box is a classic meal that any person, child or adult, can enjoy. To get the absolute best results from this meal, it is crucial to cook it correctly, add the right amount of butter and milk, and above all, pick the best shape of noodle. You may be thinking, “Why in the world would the shape of the noodle have any effect on my enjoyment of mac and cheese?” This is a very common misconception and should be addressed so that everyone can eat their box mac and cheese to its best potential.

I have been eating mac and cheese for a very long time now and it has gotten to the point where mac and cheese is my favorite food. When I was younger, my mom always made straight noodles. I was just a kid, so I didn’t know about all of the possibilities with shapes on noodles. Now that I am older, I have decided that spiral-shaped noodles are the best. Fun shaped noodles such as Frozen-themed noodles or Spongebob-themed noodles are great, too. I am here to just expand all taste bud horizons in the type of noodles to allow people to have the best possible flavor party in their mouths. I am convinced that differently shaped noodles cook differently and hit the taste buds differently in the best way.  Fun-shaped noodles might just seem to taste better because they’re just simply a new experience that is different from the basic straight noodles. Eating Spongebob-shaped noodles is definitely more fun than eating straight, boring noodles. Shell shaped noodles are also good, but the cheese powder gets stuck inside of the shells and it is difficult to spread the cheese evenly among the noodles. If you like a few bites here and there with a super cheesy punch, then the shell noodles are for you.

People are so used to eating regular, straight noodles, so they probably aren’t thinking about all of the other options. Maybe fun-shaped noodles aren’t for you, but at least giving them a try might open up a whole new world of mac and cheese eating. Mac and cheese is a very important meal to many people for nostalgic, taste, or convenience reasons, so finding out the yummiest mac and cheese is imperative. Hopefully, introducing people to different shapes of noodles will transform their mac and cheese experiences for the better.