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Girls Tennis

With the end of the winter sports season, the spring sports are ready to take over and shine. One of these sports, Girls Tennis, is prepared to make a grand entrance. Last year during the 2018-2019 season, the girls had a phenomenal season, having an overall record of 13-1 and being ranked as first in the Division II Section I rankings. Moreover, the team made it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, it was a short run.

This year, the team consists of both veteran and rookie athletes. Deondra Bacchus, Keara Bolze, Mya Domask, Bailee Gardner, Emma Hicks, Madison Poston, Allie Simes, and Quinne Talbot make up the varsity team. Aiva Boykin, Jenna Fredenberg, Anneliese Gombar, Celia Hansen, Lyric Martin, Jada Moore, Lauren Schmidt, and Princhakorn Sosoid make up the junior varsity team. Furthermore, here are the singles and doubles teams for both varsity and junior varsity:

Varsity Singles:

  • Deondra Bacchus (Sr)
  • Quinne Talbot (Jr)
  • Mya Domask (So)
  • Allie Simes (Sr)
  • Madison Poston (So)
  • Keara Bolze (Sr)

Varsity Doubles:

  • Deondra Bacchus (Sr) and Quinne Talbot (Jr)
  • Mya Domask (So) and Bailee Gardner (So)
  • Emma Hicks (Sr) and Allie Simes (Sr)

Junior Varsity Singles:

  • Aiva Boykin (Fr)
  • Lyric Martin (Jr)
  • Lauren Schmidt (So)
  • Anneliese Gombar (Jr)
  • Jada Moore (So)
  • Princhakorn Sosoid (Jr)

Junior Varsity Doubles:

  • Aiva Boykin (Fr) and Lyric Martin (Jr)
  • Anneliese Gombar (Jr) and Lauren Schmidt (So)
  • Jenna Fredenberg (So) and Celia Hansen (Jr)

On February 27th, 2020, the girls had their first match-up at home. The ladies went against Desert Edge and they hoped to win. In the end, the Chiefs won in a landslide 9-0 victory over the Scorpions. Here are the details of that day. In the Varsity Singles flights, the girls dominated their opponents. Deondra Bacchus won her match 2-0, Quinne Talbot won 2-0. Mya Domask, won 2-0, Allie Simes won 2-0, Madison Poston won 2-0, and Keara Bolze won 2-0. Furthermore, in the Varsity Doubles flights, the girls also defeated the opposition in a landslide. Quinne Talbot and Deondra Bacchus won their flight 8-0, Bailee Gardner and Mya Domask won 8-0, and Allie Simes and Emma Hicks won 8-2.

As a result, the girls now have an overall record of 1-0 and are third in the Division II Section I standings. Their next match is on March 3rd when they face the Cactus Cobras.