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Red Door, Yellow Door

“Red Door, Yellow Door” is a paranormal game. It is a game that is led through your mind. You need two players. One is the guide and the other is the player. The guide “goes into the person’s mind” and guides them through it. The player tells them what they see and goes through doors. The guide asks them questions and keeps them from going into places they shouldn’t be. For example, if the player sees clocks, they tell the guide and the guide should get them to leave immediately. The guide should never allow them to go downstairs, only up. If the player sees a man or an old lady they are to leave right away. This game can be played by everyone. However, it should be played with caution for the risk of finding things that should have stayed hidden-things you purposely blocked out of your mind. 

“Red Door, Yellow Door” blew up due to TikTok. Someone posted their experience and eventually everyone started sharing theirs. There are hundreds of videos of people trying this with friends. On YouTube, there was a video of a brother and sister attempting this game. The brother was the player and the sister was the guide. She was asking him questions such as “What do you see?” and “What door do you want to go through?” as well as “Is there anyone with you?” When she asked him if he saw anyone, he said a man and went quiet. She got nervous and tried waking him but he didn’t wake up. She started shaking him and he finally woke up. She asked him what happened and he said it was really hard for him to leave that place once he saw the man. They decided they weren’t going to try it.

 According to CampFireHacker, two best friends played this game. The player had a twin brother. She and her brother both have brown eyes. When she played, no one told her that you’re supposed to stay away from any men you see in the game. The man complimented her brown eyes and in real life she rolled over and threw up. To her and her friends surprise, she woke up to her eyes being hazel. When she went home, she saw that her brothers also changed to hazel. 

Although this could be a fun game with friends, it is also very dangerous. Apparently, if you were to see clocks, you need to leave otherwise you can get stuck in the game and not wake up. Also it’s said that if you die in the game, you die in real life. It can be really risky and scary for people on both ends. It should be played with caution.