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Softball Season

With the end of winter sports comes the beginning of spring sports.  For Thunderbird athletes, this means that they can now enjoy the wonderful outdoors rather than playing their sport inside a tiny gym. Softball is no exception to this statement. The softball players have been spending the beginning of the spring preparing for the upcoming season. 

Throughout the whole year, softball players practiced every Tuesday and Thursday to keep them in shape for the season. However, after the end of first semester, players have practiced every day after school. Although the softball season has only officially begun recently, the athletes have never sheared away from the sport. According to Sheyanne Nevarez, sophomore, “For the past month, we have been preparing our pitchers and catchers for our first game. Also, we have been practicing our infield, outfield, and batting.” As one can see, softball players are doing their absolute best to prepare for their games and make Thunderbird proud. 

Unfortunately, the softball season is not going as planned thus far. The players have put up an excellent fight, but have not won a game within the season. However, this does not reflect on the freshmen, JV, or varsity team’s abilities. From February 28-29, the varsity team competed at a weekend tournament. The girls played phenomenally. They won two out of the five games they played. Kacy Davis, sophomore, and Aiden Turner, junior, each scored a home run. 

The softball season has only just begun. Thunderbird is confident of their 2020 Softball team. When asked about her predictions for the current season, Evan Linehan, softball team manager, stated, “The girls are working extremely hard. They have been putting 110% effort into every practice and game.  It is truly incredible to watch and I believe this will show within their next few games.”