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Adjusting to the New School Year during COVID

As we start the school year, nothing feels the same. Learning on a computer screen rather than learning face to face and physically not being on campus and being able to see teachers and friends makes this feel like a missing school year. Although we are still getting our education in, this is not everyone’s favorite way of attending class.

For many teachers and students, our current situation is not the ideal way of learning. With COVID-19 still being a major issue throughout the state, online learning is the best option for us as of now. However, this way of learning is nothing compared to learning physically in a classroom. 

For students at home, a variety of distractions can occur, causing them not to pay attention to the lesson. For example, a teacher explaining the notes to students face to face is easier to comprehend than learning through a video. Not to mention, there are many technological issues. Taylor Jones, junior, says, ”Overall online school isn’t as bad as I thought. However, there are lots of tech issues. Sometimes the WebEx calls get very glitchy, to the point where many students can’t even hear the teacher. Others also miss assignments since their audio is all glitchy. Just making sure all of the homework and assignments are done is the main issue. Some teachers also don’t use google classroom. Overall, just the organization and the WebEx calls are the worst part about online school.” 

There are a few benefits of online learning. Being at home may be more comforting to some students rather than being around a lot of students in a classroom. Another benefit that has been brought up by Leslie Gonzalez, junior, is that she, “personally feels less rushed to finish [her] assignments, rather than as feeling rushed to finish everything in a 55 minute classwork period.”

Even though we have only 3 classes to focus on per semester, we have many assignments and things to get done. Cramming a year’s worth of notes and homework into a semester results in a lot more needing to be done. This may be stressful to many students because everyone is trying  their best to keep up with all of their work and assignments, on top of maintaining good grades.

All in all, everyone is trying the best they can to the best of their abilities to adapt to our new way of learning. Teachers are being really understanding on behalf of students. Leo Lopez, junior, hopes that “school goes back to normal and we can return to campus.”