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Being a Freshman in 2020

Freshman year is always awkward regardless of whether it is online or not. This article is dedicated to the newcomers of Thunderbird highschool and how they are taking the new school year. 

Some freshmen, like Jay Gonsoulin think that going online is a necessary evil.  “I think the school year being online makes it harder to focus and it’s not really good for socialization. But it can also be good because there’s no transportation time, you can still attend if you’re sick, and there’s a break during lunch.” Jay says, “I think it’s worse for learning but better for keeping people safe.”  Just like any other school year, it has its ups and downs. But is it really? Online courses can be rough for some students, who see it as a distraction. “I always get off task when online, I just can’t focus.” Says an anonymous incoming freshman. Others are also disappointed and feel like their first year as highschool newbies has been taken from them. “I feel like it has been underwhelming, like I was expecting more than to do stuff on the computer.” Then again, there are others who see it in a more positive light. “I think that it’s alright.. It’s different but school is school.” This online course of action can be seen as an opportunity to succeed. “I feel like we all can take advantage of the classes being online.” 

Nevertheless, the incoming freshmen all have to face the same thing; dealing with a pandemic in their first year of highschool. Kudos to them for toughing out their first year during a pandemic.