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College Students Return to Campus

As of right now, ASU and U of A have allowed students to come live on campus. All students have been required to stay in their dorm for two weeks. After these two weeks, students are allowed to leave their dorms. All levels of dorms must remain separate from one another, which means students are only allowed to interact with the students on their level. When it came to moving in, all parents and guests were required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken at the door. According to several sources, ASU has failed to report 161 new covid cases within the first week of students moving in. Some students have chosen to stay at home which was an option allowed by colleges and universities. 

Student’s courses have been mainly based online with the exception of various classes. These classes include students who need to perform a lab experiment and need a lab room in order to complete the project. Some universities are allowing students to attend class as long as the class size remains under a certain number of students depending on the size of the room. Safety precautions include students wearing masks and being socially distant from one another. Students are able to work from their dorms on online courses until further notice. 

When it comes to sorority and fraternity recruitments, those have been moved over zoom calls with the presidents of each chapter. If interested in joining a greek house, students can contact the president directly of how they would be a fit for the sorority or fraternity.  As of now, there will be no rush week or house activities until further notice. The houses as of now are vacant and will remain vacant until further notice.