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The television series, Euphoria, has not only had over 5 million viewers, but has inspired make-up looks, party themes, and even a whole new line of style. The main attraction to the show has to do with the cast members and how they portray the roles created by the director. Some of the cast members who have brought the show to the next level include Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs, and Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennet. In the show, both of them struggle with addiction and experience sobriety together. The other cast members each tell a unique story of their own that connects to the other characters. The main connection between all of the characters includes their consistent appearances at several parties. This show covers a serious matter of drug abuse and addiction, which impacts each character drastically throughout the show.

Rumors fill the internet of a second season currently being produced. The second season is predicted to entice viewers with new arising conflicts between characters. The plot will advance with the characters as they grow up and come to the reality of their problems. According to Rotten Tomatoes, “In Season 1, the kids go through many challenging events, but despite the difficulties, they learn to deal with what life throws at them.” This series is only accessible through a subscription to HBO. There has been no official quote from HBO stating the number of seasons to come.