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Should Arizona Go Into Another Stay at Home Order?

COVID-19 has been harder on some states in the U.S. than others, Arizona in particular. In fact, Arizona is one of the hotspots right now. It was in a stay at home order for two months from the middle of March to the middle of May. Once it left it the number of cases and deaths spiked. So, that begs the question, does Arizona need to go into another stay at home order? Stick around to find out.

Arizona does need to go into another stay at home order. Like mentioned before when we left it the numbers spiked. That is a clear indication that w

e left it too soon. We would be in a better position right now if we stayed in it. The numbers would be a lot lower.

Sports going on is another result of leaving the stay at home order. The Diamondbacks, Suns, Coyotes, Cardinals, ASU sports, NAU sports, and U of A sports should not happen. If there was a stay at home order there wouldn’t be any sports. In sports, especially football, social distancing isn’t possible. So, if the sports can’t be safely done during the pandemic, then they should all be canceled. 

Some people say that we shouldn’t go into another stay at home order. They say this because if everyone would wear a mask this virus would go away a lot quicker. However, not everyone is wearing a mask. Some people are and some aren’t. There’s no way you can force them to wear one. If someone is shopping at Sprouts and they’re not wearing a mask in there, the managers can’t go up to them and say,” I’m sorry sir but since you’re not wearing a mask we’re going to have to ask you to leave.” That’s just not practical. So, since everyone is not wearing a mask the best thing to do is have another stay at home order. We need to limit how many people are out as much as possible. Only have what’s essential open right now. By limiting how many people are out in public that will be the most effective way of stopping the spread of the virus and we’ll see the numbers decrease the quickest that way. 

All in all, Arizona needs to go into another stay at home order. Since we left the stay at home order too soon the best thing to do to get us back on track to getting rid of the virus is to have another stay at home order. So, if you’re unsure if Arizona needs another stay at home order or not, read this article.