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There has been a spike in positive covid cases on the ASU campus as students move into the on-campus housing. Despite the required Covid tests students take before moving in, among other precautions, the virus has still spread around the campus.The most up to date report is currently 478 students and 8 employees with active cases. The campus is currently operating under University Housing Mode 3. This means that they have increased security, no external visitors and one guest per room from within the same residence hall at any given time, and altered community space rules.

During a recent online conference Micheal Crow, the ASU President, explained the precautions they have taken and the new rules in place. He seems confident about the measures they have taken, despite the number of students still testing positive for Covid. Micheal Crow, ASU President says, “We believe that we’re off to a good start. We’ve got good educational outcomes, good management of positive cases that we have within the student body both on and off-campus, we’ve got very few employees who are testing positive.” 

Students are required to complete a daily symptom screening on the ASU app and not attend any in person classes. If students feel ill they are tested. If a student is positive, they go into isolation. No social gatherings are permitted under any circumstances. Also, in person classes are staggered if there are too many students to allow room for social distancing. Crow said there’s a “very low probability” of someone contracting COVID-19 on one of ASU’s campuses if they follow physical distancing guidelines and wear masks. He added that the school tracks cellphone density and Wi-Fi usage to prevent large groups from congregating. 

Despite all of the precautions, the campus still has some transference of the illness. With this in mind, they are prepared to go fully online and close their campus housing if their cases increase rapidly, becoming a problem. In an interview Crow said, “the option would be explored if, for example, the supply of accommodations for students with COVID-19 did not meet the demand or there was increasing community spread within the university.”

All in all, the ASU campus has been put under restrictions in order to lessen the possibility of their students contracting the virus while still allowing their students and staff to progress in their studies and careers.