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Nationwide Testing

As most high school students are aware, the SAT, ACT, and AP tests are tests that occur every year primarily for upperclassmen, and they play a role in helping students get to college. Most of the time, tests are held in person, with people packed into desks to take these tests. However, amidst COVID-19, how did these tests work last year, and how will they work now?

Amidst the height of coronavirus during the last semester, nationwide tests still occurred. All of these tests were online, and AP tests were greatly shortened. Although there were several hiccups including internet issues, the tests overall ran very smoothly. The main hiccup that took place in regards to the AP tests was some students not being able to submit their tests. Even if they finished in plenty of time, the button to submit wouldn’t always work, and students had to retake the test a few weeks after. Collegeboard fixed this issue for the last few tests thankfully, by providing an email address that students can message regarding why they could not submit. Overall, these tests went well for students.

However, this does not explain what will happen this year with the tests. In this school year, all of these tests will occur in their usual manners. As blog.prepscholar states, “Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, AP tests were held remotely in 2020. As of now, the College Board does not have plans to hold the 2021 AP exams online.” Because of COVID-19, collegeboard was holding testing in various facilities. However, many of these places were in areas far away from where students lived in random areas. This happened to an anonymous student, who says, “*find quote*.” In terms of SAT testing College Board itself adds more detail about the SAT testing, saying, “There is limited testing capacity in certain areas due to public health restrictions and high demand. While College Board can’t directly control test center capacity and availability, we’re working to ensure as many students as possible are able to test safely.”

As one can see, testing should return to normal for the most part, at least as normal as life can be nowadays. Best of luck, students!