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Thunderbird Golf

Golf, what a tee-rific sport to play. Luckily for the students of thunderbird, Golf has re-opened and is ready to face the other teams.

But how will they do that? Well, The golf team already has started to practice and play, “I know that I am very excited for this upcoming season.” Says one player. What is to be expected of the team? Well, they are scheduled to have their first competition Monday, September 21, and Tuesday, September 22. “I feel as though the golf team will do wonderful. I’m rooting for them.” Says yet another Thunderbird student. The season is thought to hopefully carry on normally. 

Coronavirus may be putting a hold on many different things, but it can’t stop the Un-fore-gettable golf team. The golf team is good to go and they are focused to a tee.

On September 19, the golf team will compete in the GUHSD District Golf Championships, hosted by Greenway. Hopefully, the Thunderbird high school golf team will shoot their shot for the top placement. Then, following that on September 29, the team will compete in a tournament against Moon Valley highschool at the moon valley country club. The tournament is a home meet and will be much anticipated by many spectators

Good luck Thunderbird Golf Team, we all are counting on you.