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The Year in Review

The Florida Man Phenomenon

May 17, 2019 5:29pm | Bailee Roeder

The famous meme “Florida Man” are actual news stories in the state of Florida. These crazy stories seem unrealistic, but they happen every day and are very real. This year, there have been many different stories. So here are some of the best headlines: January […]

In Memory of Mr. Clements

May 17, 2019 5:28pm | Hayden Scoplitte

At the beginning of the school year, in September, one of our dearly beloved teachers, Mr. Joseph Clements, passed away. He taught English on our campus for 16 years, and for all of those years, a smile never left his face. Mr. Clements had hundreds […]

What the Health?

April 26, 2019 5:43pm | Morgan Jones

What the Health is a Netflix documentary that shows the shocking truths about food. It is an hour and thirty-two minutes of information and some delightful humor that will make you ditch animal products and pick up a salad. It reveals shocking information that most […]

Keeping up with the Conspiracies

April 26, 2019 5:21pm | Bailee Roeder

Everyone knows about conspiracy theories, but this time it’s surrounding historical items and challenging those ideas. This documentary series is called Conspiracies and is on the streaming app Netflix. It starts out with an episode about Nazis, the infamous political party. This whole episode challenges the […]

Mommy Dead and Dearest

April 26, 2019 5:21pm | Maddy Barton

In 2017, HBO released the documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. In 1991, a healthy girl named Gypsy Rose was born. For almost 21 years her mother convinced her that she had very little years left to live. “I would rather spend 10 years in jail […]

Free Solo: The Amazing Feat

April 26, 2019 5:20pm | Andrew Hornburg

Have you ever imagined yourself inches away from falling to your death for nearly four hours? If you’re an average human, the thought probably gives you chills and doesn’t come up too often. Professional climber Alex Honnold became the first human to ever experience this […]

Best Docs on the Block

April 26, 2019 5:19pm | Lizzie Ziebarth

Blackfish: Blackfish is a documentary that exposes the abuse and misery that killer whales experience in aquariums such as SeaWorld. The documentary centers on Tilikum, a ‘killer’ killer whale who injured one of his trainers, and then later on brutally drowned a different trainer. Although one […]