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Affordable Christmas Gifts

December 11, 2020 4:12pm | Neely Burns

Holiday Season is approaching, and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. However, lots of people can’t afford the gift they deem as perfect. This does not mean your loved ones are out of luck though! There are plenty of […]

Modern Day Racism

December 11, 2020 4:11pm | Hannah Stewart

Over the years, bigotry has taken many forms ranging from overt and open to blurred and opaque. Although it is less common today to see someone portray open intolerance to another culture in America, thousands of racial incidents occur almost every second. It’s important to […]

How to Help Your Community

December 11, 2020 4:08pm | Ruby Montijo

It’s always good to help each other out in the midst of hard times. Whether it’s opening the door for a stranger, helping your neighbor move in, or consoling a friend in need. During these devastating times, there are many ways we can help contribute […]

The Importance of Voting

November 10, 2020 5:54pm | Andrea Fabian

In the Democratic government, voting is an essential part of making sure the next leader is a perfect fit for the country. Recently, more and more adults have planned to skip voting, saying their vote is useless in the grand scheme of things. As this […]

Should Masks Still Be Required?

November 10, 2020 5:53pm | Larissa Hermiz

Since the beginning of Coronavirus hitting the United States, most people have been wearing masks. At first, masks were not required, but as cases increased rapidly, masks became a requirement to wear all over the states. However, many people oppose wearing masks, which is a […]

Body Positivity

November 10, 2020 5:52pm | Andrea Fabian

With social media being the center of many Gen-Z lives, a lot of unattainable standards have been circulating websites, planting insecurities in the minds of many teenagers. Sparking an uproar of cries for more body-positive influencers, the sites have been focusing more on physical features […]

Why the Two-Party System Is No Longer Beneficial

October 27, 2020 4:03pm | Hannah Collier

In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to imagine the world without two political parties. Every time someone turns on their T.V. or decides to scroll through social media, chances are they will be bombarded with politics. Day in and day out, Democrats and Republicans […]

Fighting All Monsters

October 27, 2020 4:02pm | Ellie Bonnette

It is quite common for many of us to think of the month October as breast cancer awareness month, right? You are probably familiar with the pink ribbon that represents it. Now, what comes to mind when you think of the month September? Chances are […]

The Sad Reality of Teaching Online

October 27, 2020 4:00pm | Hannah Stewart

Survey says yes, Teachers say no. Although the greater majority of parents and students claim to appreciate their stay at home educators, teachers feel neglected just as they did before Covid-19. Eight months ago, an everyday pedestrian would look at a teacher and say “I […]

The Harsh Reality of Social Media

October 27, 2020 3:56pm | Gabriela Rodriguez Rios

Social media in this generation has been the largest way to socialize and make new friends but along with the good, always comes the bad. While social media might be created to be seen as a neat  and friendly way to connect with others, it  […]