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Emily In Paris

December 11, 2020 4:09pm | Ruby Montijo

It’s no secret that the show Emily in Paris, which aired October 2, 2020, caused a lot of discussion and controversy, but despite all the buzz this Netflix series created, people watch it anyway. “Besides that Americans have bad taste, is that, in the year […]

Next Gen Consoles

December 11, 2020 4:09pm | Kaleb Lick

The colder weather has made its way here which means we are getting closer to the holiday season, It is time to start preparing for the weather, the holiday season, and everything that comes with it.  With the holidays almost here, the time has come […]

Seattle Seahawks

December 11, 2020 4:08pm | Xander Saarela

The Seattle Seahawks have often been known as the legion of boom. They have always had an offense with power and a defense made of steel. This year, however, is different. This Season has been a bit different for the Seattle Seahawks as they have had […]

Zoe Laverne Grooming Controversy

December 11, 2020 4:08pm | Alison Miller

TikTok sensation, Zoe Laverne, was accused of grooming a 13 year-old fan, Connor Joyce. “I am aware that I am an adult, and I am aware that I have done something wrong…” Zoe Laverne stated in her apology post to her 17.6M teenage fanbase.  19 […]

Upcoming 2020 Movies

November 10, 2020 5:54pm | Myles Hurley

With some movies being released at home, and some released in theatres, here are some previously delayed movies coming in these next few months to look forward to.  The movie, FreeGuy, releases December 11, 2020. “He stars as Guy, a nondescript bank teller non-player character […]

Among Us

November 10, 2020 5:53pm | Neely Burns

Do you enjoy games of mystery that you can play with your friends? If so, Among Us is the game for you! This game was launched on June 15, 2018 by InnerSloth, and it takes place on a spaceship. The premise of the game is […]

IOS 14 Update Features

November 10, 2020 5:53pm | Alison Miller

The IOS 14 update was released a few weeks ago by Apple. It came with a brand new home screen addition that went viral on social media platform TikTok, and many new, innovative features.   One of the most known features of the update is […]

What To Do Instead of Trick or Treating

November 10, 2020 5:53pm | Gabriela Rodriguez Rios

Halloween has always been a very big event and holiday that adults and children both love to celebrate. Yearly, parents take kids out around the neighborhood and have fun with their children. The kids usually go door to door saying trick or treat and generally […]

How to Become Anti-Racist with the Help of STAMPED

September 15, 2020 4:25pm | Ellie Bonnette

With everything going on in our country regarding the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, you may have asked yourself the question, “Have I been doing enough as an ally to the BLM movement and the fight for racial justice? Is reposting black squares and racial […]


September 15, 2020 4:24pm | Bailee Gardner

The television series, Euphoria, has not only had over 5 million viewers, but has inspired make-up looks, party themes, and even a whole new line of style. The main attraction to the show has to do with the cast members and how they portray the […]