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Beirut Explosion

September 15, 2020 4:13pm | Larissa Hermiz

On August 4, 2020, a massive and tragic explosion occurred in Beirut, Lebanon, triggering the country in public anger. This occurred at the Port of Beirut on the north-meditteranean coast. There are many theories as to how this explosion occurred but according to BBC.com, “Lebanon’s […]

Being a Freshman in 2020

September 15, 2020 4:04pm | Megan Mannelly

Freshman year is always awkward regardless of whether it is online or not. This article is dedicated to the newcomers of Thunderbird highschool and how they are taking the new school year.  Some freshmen, like Jay Gonsoulin think that going online is a necessary evil.  […]

Academic Decathlon

March 6, 2020 5:48pm | Hayden Scoplitte

Have you ever heard of the Thunderbird Academic Decathlon team before? If not, I don’t blame you. I had never heard of it until I joined last year. It’s not a very well known club on our campus, but boy is it a cool one! […]

Club S.O.D.A.

March 6, 2020 5:48pm | Megan Mannelly

Have you noticed colorful banners popping up around the dull school campus? Have you seen the bubbly icon of a cheerful soda bottle? Well, believe it or not, but there is a new club in Thunderbird, and it’s all about self acceptance. Club S.O.D.A. stands […]

President Trump Acquitted in Impeachment Trial

March 6, 2020 5:36pm | Neely Burns

On Wednesday, February 5th, 2020, President Trump was acquitted on two counts of impeachment. Although the president was already technically impeached by the House of Representatives, this acquittal prevents his removal from office. First, what is an acquittal? An acquittal is defined as setting someone […]

COVID-19 Kills 3,461; Known Cases Soar Over 100,000

February 27, 2020 5:12pm | Kevinjonah Paguio

*The information in this article will be outdated as more information is made available. Furthermore, the situation is constantly changing, so the article’s information is only relatable to the days before and during the day of publication.* ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– In the beginning of the new year […]

School Lunch Review

February 7, 2020 5:45pm | Neely Burns

If you buy lunch at Thunderbird, you are no stranger to being overcome with confusion as to which food place to go to. The truth is, all food places at Thunderbird are great for certain people. Therefore, whether you agree or disagree with our ratings, […]

The Parking Pass Issue

February 6, 2020 5:39pm | Hannah Collier

School parking lots can be absolutely terrifying for any students, parents, and teachers. Inexperienced teenage drivers all pile in and out of a small area all at one time. Luckily, parking passes can make this stressful process a bit easier. Parking passes ensure that only […]

Wildfires Ravage Australia

February 6, 2020 5:35pm | Ellie Bonnette

Recently, news channels and social media have been flooding with information on the Australia wildfires. Australia is in desperate need of donations, considering that it’s currently facing the worst wildfire in its history. This fire has been burning since September of 2019 and is still […]

Performing Arts Assembly

December 13, 2019 5:46pm | Tahtiana Hatchett

The first assembly for the performing arts came, and no one could hold their excitement. “We’ve been working on the assembly for a while, and we are all excited for everyone to see what we have been working on,”says Kyla Webster. The performing arts assembly […]